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Studio 14.20 sq.m.

Minimalism – this is the style in which the design project was carried out. All colors smoothly flow into each other, from white to light gray and wood color, contrasting with each other. Contrast is also created by different textures of materials – fabric, wood, ceramics (tile), and metal. The predominant color is white. Its visually expands the space, creating a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. The feeling of “openness” is created by the expense of furniture and storage systems, which have light or mirror facades. Unusual watches and custom made furniture are taken as a stylish accents, with additional storage.

Studio 21.00 sq.m.

A small area design project, 21 sq.m. The studio should be comfortable for living and have a sufficient number of storage places. The interior highlight  is a floral print wallpaper that visually divides the space into two parts – the kitchen area and the recreation area. This wallpaper set the direction for the whole interior. The main color remained – white, which was also diluted with natural shades and textures. For TV were used wood panels. Kitchen is created with a mint colored facade and marbled apron pattern. All these “natural” elements created a very cozy atmosphere, filled the space with air. A wallpaper with a print next to the sofa, set to rest and summer sensation at any time of the year.

Studio 18.20 sq.m.

Budget design studio project 18 sq. M. . The interior is made in the Scandinavian style, using wood, natural stone, and ceramics. Most furniture products are custom made. Due to the existing protrusion in the wall, the ventilation shaft, the idea of ​​a table, divided into two parts, was formed. The first part is the working area, the second part is a folding table, which is a dining table. There is a full kitchen area with the ability to put a large fridge. Very good layout and dimensions of the room for a comfortable stay.

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